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What Drives You?

Discover ways to trigger deep motivations for achieving a healthier lifestyle.

"How do I get more motivated to get in shape?"

I'm asked this question often… typically from those people always on the go and/or easily distracted.

The solution to your lacking motivation starts with carving out more time for yourself to reflect. But remember, "reflect" doesn't mean alone-time for gaming, social media, or binging on Netflix.

Reflection simply means exploring the circumstances in your life, uncovering what you genuinely connect with. When you take time to reflect, you bring awareness in a focused way to your accomplishments and your path moving forward.

Not too long ago, my anxieties were getting the best of me. I felt lost, always following others, not feeling connected with my work and daily activities.

Only when I started reflecting on my values and journaling my thoughts did I feel more empowered and confident. I connected with my true self. I discovered my long-hidden motivations to unlocking a healthier lifestyle. I no longer put other's priorities or opinions completely over my own. I finally took ownership of my time and my life. I achieved clarity of the path that was right for me.

You can as well. Just give yourself time to think back on your circumstances in a non-judgmental way. Reflecting can take many forms. Meditation, journaling, walking outside and hiking are solid examples. My favorite is morning coffee overlooking the sunrise with nothing more than a pen and notepad!


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