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Thank You Failed Surgery

Today I enjoyed my conversation while training a long-time client. He experienced partial-complex seizures in his early twenties and had brain surgery just like myself. Fortunately, he's been seizure-free for almost two years and is on the path for full recovery.

We spoke on how our seizure challenges impacted our physical, mental, and emotional state. Lack of mental clarity, brain fog, migraines, tunnel vision, memory lapses, and intense fatigue were common for both of us.

He asked me, "when you realized surgery was not successful, what motivated you to seek natural methods to control your seizures?"

My unsuccessful surgery was a big turning point for me. All the conventional treatments used on my epilepsy were not successful. I consequently started questioning the "establishment" and the "standard protocols."

After deep thought and reflection, I found the answer… and it had nothing to do with medicine or treatment. It was altering my mindset.

I quickly started to reframe my epilepsy not as a reality but as my reaction to certain conditions in my life. I began claiming responsibility for my illness.

For a few years, I researched alternative approaches to control my illness. I learned the importance of a balanced lifestyle. I discovered the holistic connection of mindset, movement, and metabolism. I created unique practices, perceptions, and experiences in my life, which triggered new passions.

I shifted from being a follower who quietly accepts reality to becoming a leader who takes action. This transition empowered me. I not only regained my health, but I am now leading the life I envisioned.

Thank you failed surgery. You were a blessing in disguise.


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