Reframing Your Fitness Practice

That workout on your calendar, the one scheduled for tomorrow morning. Is it a part of you?

Is it a meaningful practice that will make you function better and live longer?

Or is that workout merely a time-filler? A trivial task that can be canceled or rescheduled depending on how you're feeling?

If you find yourself skipping workouts more often than not, then I have a suggestion: REFRAME THE CONTEXT of your fitness practice.

Today's modern culture of ease and convenience is not aligned with how our body is systemically wired. Our bio-configuration at birth is precisely as it was 50,000 years ago. How we play that card is primarily up to us. Sure, we can follow the behaviors instilled in popular culture. But will that provide us the life and experiences we truly want?

Body movements have been and always will be a natural, biological necessity for reaching our potential. Shouldn’t we aim at developing our baseline levels of mobility and physical preparedness required by the real world, while also enjoying a healthy body and life for as long as possible?

By perceiving your workouts in a more practical context, you spark a personal trigger, a deep-rooted connection to your daily fitness practice. This cognitive shift enhances your understanding of the prescribed movements. It reduces distractions by reconnecting your actions with your priorities.

So the next time you find yourself putting off that workout, here's an idea. Reframe your forthcoming workouts as a series of interviews for a job you care about. If you perform the duties of the position well, you will be compensated with a healthy mind and body. Your everyday bonus will be increased energy and self-confidence.

This reframing opens up new neural pathways in your brain. Your enthusiasm and creativity spike up by asking for this experience you genuinely crave. Your perception of the workouts changes from indifferent to practical.

So now, with your fitness practice "reframed" as a highly rewarding job interview, immediately ask yourself...

Would you show up on time?

How do you need to prepare?

Would you sleep well the night before?

Would you reschedule at the last minute?

This mindful reframing transforms perceptions you've linked with your fitness habits. Over time, the distractions you often allowed to interfere with your workouts will fade.

You'll gain clarity and commitment.

You'll develop a sound body.

You'll experience a happier, long-lasting life.


See you in the morning.