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To better understand how to control your fitness habits, let's first cover the basics of where your thoughts and feelings come from. If you can master your thoughts and feelings, then you can slowly master your actions and habits in any endeavor you wish to pursue.
Before we go further, I must emphasize an important point. I'm not the typical trainer that pledges to get your body in better shape in 12 weeks. To reshape your body for lasting results, you have to reshape your lifestyle. To reshape your lifestyle, you need to reshape your environment, or at least your perception of your environment.

So how do we change our habits to improve our body?

For finding real success, there's more involved than just adding "workout session" on your calendar for the next few months. This is where the mental model of "connection" comes into play. To make this "workout session" a constant habit, you must explore deeper into your true motives. Let's start with thoughts and emotions since that's the fuel that motivates us.

The brain communicates with itself by transmitting chemicals (neurotransmitters) from one neuron, or nerve, to the other. And this regular, rapid-fire messaging plays a significant role in how you feel and function each day.
Emotions are chemicals (neurotransmitters) caused by your subjective interpretation (thoughts) of the circumstances within your daily life, not the objective reality of the circumstances. The stimulants in your environment help shape your brain's thought process. Therefore, thoughts and emotions are your brain's response to neuronal firings (synapses) relative to the input received, and that input is skewed according to your perception of the circumstances in your life. This process is the theory of brain plasticity.

In other words, YOU decide what type of feeling you generate from the stimulants in your life, no one else. So do you want to be a slave to your feelings and emotions, or do you want to take charge of your life, balance your perspective, and unlock your natural ability to change it?


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