G3 CorePower's coaching is tailored so that each person discovers their motivation to exercise their body and fuel it properly.


For some, this requires a full lifestyle-reboot. For others, this only requires slight tweaks here or there. The common requirement for everyone is to first conduct an honest self-assessment to determine their starting point.


Our "balance and connection" model is a form of self-awareness. This might startle some people, but we want individuals to develop the right mental model for all facets of their life, not just fitness. So just hear us out...


The balance aspect is walking that fine line which separates the action-taker from the observer. It's about living mindfully -- continuing to take action in your daily tasks, but with a different perspective. Balance allows you to be more present, more connected with the activities in your environment, whether it be exercise, work, family, friends, etc. So yes, you want to grow better personally and professionally by living actively. Now, just balance action with self-assessment and self-reflection.

This brings us to the exciting part -- discovering your deep, hidden connection to transform your life. It's about taking control of your environment (your situations, relationships, surroundings) by discovering your true purpose, your core motivations.


Start by taking a thorough inventory of your lifestyle. Assess whether your daily habits are aligned with your priorities, and the legacy you wish to create for yourself. Then, begin exploring new scenarios that connect with the vision you see for yourself.


We all create goals to pursue, but unless you make changes to your environment (or your perception of your environment) you're not going to change the thoughts and feelings being generated inside your head. That's where the vast network of neural dynamics within your brain comes into play!

Reshape Your Perception with Neuroplasticity