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We're a team of strategists, connectors, and do-ers that simplify complex fitness cycles. We're masters of our craft. But none of that matters unless we listen to you and generate results. We get that. We do that.

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Fuel your body and brain from the bottom up by manipulating tensions to increase your stress capacity and processing power. 

Fuel your body and brain from the top down by fine-tuning your energy cycles.

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Your energy source is not determined just by your food intake. It's the way food interacts with your unique physiology. So no matter what your fitness goals are, nutrition is your baseline startting point.

Your strength blends two dynamics: tension and time. The amount of stress your body and brain can properly maneuver sets the tone for your long-term growth. 

G3's strength training framework blends conventional exercise and BASE processing [Balance, Alignment, Stressor, Engagement) to help clients channel their unique stressors properly.

Your power is based on how well you listen to your brain and body. We help you structure your fitness habits around your peak performance cycles. Soon, complex tasks will become simple. You'll continuously fine-tune your strengths and compose your own unique rhythms.

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Delivering the most effective, adaptive, precision-based strategies to reach your goals, including weight loss, muscle growth, mobility, strength gains, and performance.

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