"In 2017 I had brain surgery to treat my seizure disorder. Working with Greg these past two years has been a blast. I feel he is optimizing my recovery for a normal life but also showing me exercises and routines that extend into my guitar playing. I'm more "connected" with my body and my work now, and much more hopeful about creating my own future. Thank you!"


"I came to Greg with a problem I was having with my son, who was diagnosed with Osgood-Schlatter's, a very painful, overuse injury to the knees. Not playing soccer was very difficult for my 12-year-old son since he is an elite player. Although Greg had not trained a young boy before he stood up to the challenge, developing a training plan specific to my son's needs within 24 hours. He has helped my son grow as an individual, athlete, and leader. Greg is an extremely hard-working, dedicated, and thoughtful person who is a true role model. He is patient, respectful, and encouraging. He shows a level of compassion and professionalism which is admirable." 


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While exploring solutions to his epilepsy, Greg Lutcavage evolved into a top mentor in the functional fitness industry. He is a neuro-strength coach, blending optimal physical and mental actions into your everyday lifestyle.


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