Over 30 years innovating fitness techniques using balanced mobility, creative resistance, eccentric isometrics, neural dynamics and healthy nutrition.
Specialties include:

  • Dynamic Strength (calisthenics, freeweights, resistance bands)

  • Flexibility Strength (yoga)

  • Static Strength (isometrics)

  • Aerobic Training

  • Circuit Training

  • Healthy Nutrition (low-carb, high-fat)


  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified

  • NASM - Certified Personal Trainer

  • NASM - Fitness Nutrition Specialist

  • NASM - Senior Fitness Specialist

  • NASM - Women's Fitness Specialist


  • UNC-Chapel HIll - B.A., Management

About Greg
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Humbled as a young man by brain issues, Greg Lutcavage has evolved into a compassionate mentor in today’s health and fitness industry. He is a charismatic, innovative personal trainer, blending optimal physical and mental performance tasks into everyday lifestyle.


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