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Discover healthy rhythms
to better your life






As nutrition is the baseline of performance and body transformation, let us also take charge of your meal planning and help you towards your personal goals. Despite the distance between us, rest assured that our approach is premised on a framework of regular communication and time-honored audits of your progress and performance.

Custom guidance to better your healthy behaviors

Individualized nutrition and/or exercise guidance through a convenient, user-friendly app (ProCoach)

Regular one-on-one video sessions with your coach to review your performance and provide real-time feedback

Video breakdown and regular BARE testing to rebalance your energy, fine-tune your neuro-strength, and improve your habits

G3 methodology

Your time is precious. So I will keep this simple.


G3 is the strategy I follow to deliver value to my clients. It's beneficial. It's straightforward.


But here's the catch… this fitness practice starts with you, the client. You're the performer. I'm just the mentor showing you the way.

Here's the breakdown:


G3 = Grit. Growth. Gratitude.


The Grit Process (your responsibility) is the mental strength and capacity to execute. It's the discipline required for performing actions that strengthen your confidence, character, health, and fitness. change is hard in the beginning, but with grit and discipline, you'll create new rhythms that will become automatic. 


The Growth Process (my responsibility) is acquiring all your data, delivering your customized action plan as a starting point, then continuously tweaking and adapting the program according to your feedback. As your coach, my job is to learn about you, your preferences, your behaviors, and to guide you accordingly. This style delivers the best results. There might be bumps early on as we get to know each other better, but your routine will ease over time as your core adaptations take hold.


The Gratitude Process (client-coach relationship) is us celebrating your challenges and successes. Together we create ways to break your problems down into mini-tasks that will make you stronger. The success in this process is the sum of your achievements, such as losing weight, building strength, and improving your energy. Your small wins over time will combine for lasting success and a healthy future.





Overall, it's a simple code. When practiced, it generates better power and chemistry. It also keeps us both (coach/client) synchronized to fine-tune your brain and body consistently. This G3 practice has worked for me for many years, as well as for many of my clients

Now is the time for us to connect. Let's explore together the various ways this code can become a lasting practice for you too... making you stronger, healthier, and happier. 

G3 RINGS energy.png

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