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Success Requires Endurance

"Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." -- Winston Churchill

In your fitness journey, you will meet with failures, you will have to overcome pains and fatigue, and you will be challenged.

To be successful, you must endure. No person ever achieves their training goals by quitting or losing their enthusiasm. You, therefore, must find ways to keep yourself motivated.

The best way to feed your motivation to train is to remember why you began to train in the first place. Remember those hurt feelings you triggered when you could no longer fit into your favorite pants? Or when you were unable to keep pace with your five-year-old child running to the playground?

If you allow these feelings to portray you as inadequate, they will continue to haunt you and have no mercy for you!

This is why you train, to conquer those feelings by overcoming the conditions that trigger them.

If that isn't enough to motivate you, find something that is. Without enthusiasm and motivation, you will find distractions and excuses for not training.

So find your deep motivation and keep your internal fires burning! If you are not serious about your training, how do you possibly think you will be stronger and leaner a year from now? You won't.

If you don't have that enthusiasm consistently, you will just go through the motions. Those feelings of inadequacy will take control because you are not training thoroughly, and you will fall short of your goals.

Never lose your enthusiasm for keeping your body strong and your brain sharp. You'll endure through those small challenges and enjoy the pleasures in return!


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