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for your body and brain


Master your BS

Blending and Stacking is the solution to core strength.

BS-ing is exploring how your brain and body respond to stressors.

If you wish to achieve your fitness goals, create and refine your own BS.
If you wish to continue your struggles, follow someone else's BS.


Core Strength Training

Reshape your body, retune your brain, and safely rebuild your core strength

Your CORE is your lifeline, a blend of your brain and your body.

Your brain and your body are instruments within a complex orchestra.  They perform best when each is optimized and playing at the same rhythm. 

Sometimes you train them separately. 

Other times you train them together in unison.


The constant factor is this - how you train one core instrument (brain or body) impacts how the other core instrument performs.

The art of strength training is orchestrating your core stress responses both physically and intuitively.


In other words, you conduct and synchronize your own BS protocols (BS = Blending and Stacking) to achieve your fitness goals.

We create your BS formula by guaging how your core (brain and body) reacts and responds to various stressors 


Functional BSing is the holy grail of core strengthening. How you blend and stack your training metrics will determine your core's output and performance.

There are five rhythms your BS orchestra performs simultaneously. Three are purely physical and concrete (food, body, brain). Two are intuitive and adaptive (tension, biofeedback). Each is rhythm is necessary for a complete BS strength regiment.


Your BS rhythms and adaptations will fluctuate constantly. However, once you understand how your rhythms flow best, you will strengthen your core  and metabolism effectively for lasting results. 

You can try to figure this out yourself of course. However it takes time... it took me decades to figure out my own bio-rhythms. 


To speed up your BS discovery and design process, let us work with you directly.


No two BSers have the same BS rhythms. So don't follow other BSers and their BS stories.


Let us help you craft your own BS.


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We chat about your health history, strength goals, and lifestyle. We discover what needs to happen to get the results you want.

Discovery Session

Nutrition is your baseline fuel for brain and body performance.

Improve your eating habits so that your metabolism and overall energy steadily improve. 

Discovery Session

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